Competition Isn’t Always A Good Thing

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This is the first in a series of videos designed to help the Advertising Industry get the most out of their music. Music can have tremendous impact on a spot from subliminal perception of the product, to nuts and bolts like making sure the “Supers” get read. Unfortunately, music has become increasingly marginalized in the […]

Just Don’t Blame The Synthesizer

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READ THE ARTICLE So here’s where this sits for me. First, the article was poorly written. It makes a lame attempt to group “Synthesizer” orchestral scores with scores written specifically for electronic sounds. Then the article goes on and tries to equate the artistic worth of a piece of music with the number of […]


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The world’s a big place…well, actually it’s a very small place. Working regularly in Los Angeles, London, New York and Chicago, I can never predict where I am going to be next and for how long.  Because geography used to matter a lot regarding where and how I worked,  I had maintained my LA based […]