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The world’s a big place…well, actually it’s a very small place. Working regularly in Los Angeles, London, New York and Chicago, I can never predict where I am going to be next and for how long.  Because geography used to matter a lot regarding where and how I worked,  I had maintained my LA based music house, Ear to Ear and my London house, 2110 Music, as separate companies.  This just no longer makes sense.  That’s why I’ve combined them under one name, Brian Banks Music.

What does this type of globalization mean for me and my business?  And by extension, what does this mean for the music and media business as a whole?  Is the music better, worse, or simply different because we all seem to be working more often from different corners of the word?  Are we more spontaneous and creative, left to our own private studios as we collaborate from afar, or are we less so due to lack of creative banter?

Then there is the ever expanding topic of New Media.  Does digital drive down the bottom line on music?  Does it increase the flow of work?  Are the creative possibilities of unstructured durations and uncharted territories good for creativity, or does the “Click through and listen to small speaker culture” dumb down the listening bar?  With so many music libraries out there worldwide, is music for media an art or a commodity?  Lots to think about…And then there is always the debate about the existence of good or bad music.

I’ve probably been working Trans-Atlantic as long as anybody…and longer than most. I know the ins and outs of working on both sides of the pond, not only on the creative side, but the business side as well.  I collaborate with composers, producers, DJ’s and bands from LA to London. I work with Agencies and Studios from both sides too.  Putting all of the pieces together to get the best, most interesting and beautiful musical results is very exciting for me.  Sometimes the time zone thing makes for late nights and early mornings, but the buzz of working like this is worth it.

Not only does the Internet make working from remote locations possible, but the ever shrinking hardware technology makes mobility possible in ways that were not thinkable even 2 years ago.  The brand new studio that I just designed travels with me in my “carry-on” bag.  Being this mobile means that if you want me close by to collaborate with you in the same room…I’m there.  If you want to hear a huge range of interpretation on your concept, I’ve got collaborators worldwide.  And if you are looking for the most cost effective place to produce a track, I can go get that done too.

OK, that’s about it for now…I hope you take some time to browse through my reels.  Leave a comment…let me know what you’re thinking.

Welcome to Brian Banks Music

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