Music Supervision is probably one of the most overused terms in music for advertising.  In short, if you want to find a song or composition that already exists, or if you need to do significant co-ordination between the film and music prior to the shoot, you need a Music Supervisor.

Brian and his team have worked in all facets of the music business for longer than we care to admit.  We have friends and colleagues from Hollywood to London and everywhere in-between.

When it comes to putting together a licensing deal, our Music Attorney, Malcolm Wiseman is negotiating with people he works with on a daily basis – sometimes as the licensor, sometimes as the licensee.  This puts us in the advantageous situation of being able to deal in relationships, and not just a one off contract.  Because of this, in most cases we get a license done faster and more affordably than an Agency can do it for themselves.

Next time you need a track, call us!